What's in Silagy Sauce, and why can't I stop eating it?

Every Silagy Sauce is made using only the freshest ingredients and picked by hand to infuse our trademark flavor in each and every small batch. Our sauces are always free of the fake stuff and preservatives, so all you taste is that famous explosion of heat and flavor. Your new hot sauce addiction is a healthy one.

Is it possible that Silagy Sauce is making me funnier and better looking?


What makes Silagy Sauce different? Aren't all hot sauces pretty much the same?

Heck no. Silagy Sauce slow smokes and roasts every batch of meticulously chosen ingredients in small batches to achieve our famous explosion of heat AND flavor.


What ingredients does Silagy Sauce use?

We're proud of what's in our sauce. Handpicked peppers, refreshing cilantro, hand-squeezed lime. We're just as proud of what's NOT in it. No preservatives. No high fructose corn syrup. No fake stuff. Silagy Sauce is just fresh, real food, lovingly smoked and roasted to perfection.


Where can I find it?

Please see our page Where to Get it page.